Nathan's cd recordings

Nathan has recorded on 5  CDs to date. All 5 CDs have the honor of ranking #1 on the Amazon hot new folk music charts. They have been played on hundreds of radio stations on almost every continent, and over 250,000 times on internet streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime, and Google Music 

STRING THEORY (2016/2017) String Theory is a 5 piece young Celtic ensemble from Dallas, TX featuring Celtic finger style guitarist and music professor Jesse Ramirez on guitar and mandolin, national award winning Irish fiddler Nathan Kennedy, Meg Tapley on flute, whistle, and vocals as well as Bill Zauner on upright bass, and Matt Cook on vocals and bodhrán. 

The band premiered in 2015 with performances at The Celt and Trinity Hall – the leading Irish pubs in North Texas, and has since had over 50 shows between those two venues. They were ranked in the top 5 best Irish bands in Texas by the Dallas Observer newspaper. The have also performed in many other venues, festivals, retreats, and weddings. They performed in 2015 at the O’Flaherty Irish Music Retreat – one of the leading music retreats in the US. They were selected to open for Emmet Cahill of Celtic Thunder. And, they were a featured performer at the North Texas Irish Festival in 2016, as well as Irishfest Atlanta. 

This CD is the inaugural release from the band and is a true musical delight. It features the amazing Celtic finger style guitar of Jesse Ramirez that will remind many of the work of the legendary Randal Bays. It also features world class Irish fiddling from Nathan Kennedy, and beautiful flute and whistle performances from Meg Tapley. Matt provides great Bodhrán beats and low strings are featured through out. It includes many upbeat Irish dance tunes to get your toes tapping, wonderful folk marches and waltzes that shows the bands impressive classical and Celtic training, and some of the most haunting Irish airs you have heard.

Moorland Winds (2017) Sarah Copus is a talented award-winning performer. She sings and writes her own songs, but she is also an accomplished harpist. In her particular case, music is something that truly runs in the family. She has been making music for many years alongside her parents, who are in a new age prog bands. However, in 2016 Sarah took the next step forward and decided to try her hand at a solo career. Even under the young age of 18, she managed to hit the Billboard charts with not one, but two albums, which generated positive responses, airplay and rave reviews on a global scale. 

Sarah also performs in Gaelic, and is heavily involved with the Texas Celtic music community, often performing with talented local musicians and attending events, festivals and venues on a regular basis. 

Sarah is only 13, yet she already has a stunning debut album under her name and a recent recording called Moorland Winds. This record features powerful renditions of stunning classics, performed with a lot of passion, respect, and humility. The artist herself stated that she decided to record these songs out of her love for these timeless melodies, and her desire to help preserve them for new generations of listeners. 

The result is a record featuring some well-known folk songs, but also some performances that have a deep, personal touch and a strong connection with the artist. Sarah managed to showcase her musicianship on this release, not only by highlighting her versatility as a harpist, but also by exposing her vocal chops, with great harmonies, a really nice range, and some amazing arrangements. On this record, other talented musicians also appear, including Sarah’s parents, Randy and Pamela (on guitar and whistle, respectively), as well as Rick Holt (Bodhran), Nathan Kennedy (Fiddle) and James Song (violin).

Innisfall (2016) The self-titled CD from the Celtic band Innisfall is an exciting new project featuring some of the best up and coming young Irish folk music talent out of Texas. The CD was produced and arranged under the direction of Randy Copus who has charted over 11 albums in the top 10 of Billboard, and whose original works had over 80 million plays on Pandora this past year. The band had considerable help from many distinguished Irish recording artists. Arrangements were made by fiddler and TG4 musician of the year, James Kelly on the wonderful Irish Air, The Coolin. Anuna singer Karen Ballew helped with many of the vocal arrangements. And original compositions by the group were mentored by singer Ashley Davis, and fiddler Liz Knowles. 

The musicians in Innisfall are Clio Cadence on vocals and guitar/ukulele, Sarah Copus on vocals and harp, Ireland Harber on vocals and whistle, Grace Kennedy on vocals and flute, and Nathan Kennedy on fiddle. They have played together now almost two years in a variety of live venues. 

Individually, they have had many accomplishments. One of the singers has charted two CDs on the Billboard Charts featuring songs in the Irish Language and won an international vocal album of the year award. Another is the first youth fiddler from Texas to compete at the Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann, and who was the leader of a string ensemble that won an international competition at the Midwest Clinic (the worlds largest instrumental music conference) featuring competitors from over 30 countries. Another has won some of the most prestigious youth battle of the band competitions in the US. What is even more impressive is that they are all under the age of 16. 

The Band itself has been featured in many regional festivals like the North Texas Irish Festival, Kimblefest Scotland, and has played local pre-show performances with the likes of Celtic Woman, Celtic Thunder’s Emmet Cahil, and over 150 live shows in the Texas region over the past 2 years. 

Texas has been a hotbed of traditional Irish Music for sometime now, and through careful support and mentorship over the past 30 years from organizations like the North Texas Irish Festival, North Texas School of Irish Music, O’Flaherty Irish Music Retreat and many others, is starting to see some of their homegrown talent be recognized on the international stage. 

Innisfall is the latest example of that. The music on this CD is a blend of lush Clannad like harmonies with an Americana folk feel. The band’s rendition of Loreena McKennit’s All Souls Night is a melodic delight. And the traditional I Know My Love has a sweet-sounding dance beat with 5 layers of harmonies. 

The band also provided three original compositions with an Irish/American folk flare and mentored by some of the tradition’s great artists. Two were original songs by the band, and the third was a poem written by Irish poet Thomas Moore in the early 1800s and put to music. 

The CD is a delight to listen to. The rich vocal harmonies and ethereal arrangements help transport the listener to a wonderful vision of Ireland of many years past, with some wonderful color of the amazing folk music sounds so prominent in America’s south